EVER Leadership Development Committee 2024

EVER Leadership Development Committee actions:

  • 1. to nominate and elect ambassadors from national and international societies
  • 2. to promote leadership in the board of ambassadors, ensuring that EVER attracts valuable human assets for further growth
  • 3. to strengthen the bonds with national and international societies, taking advantage of the ambassadors’ active involvement, by mutually hosting joint symposia, webinars and other activities to increase visibility and popularity of EVER
  • 4. to foster strategic collaboration with other scientific societies such as ESCRS, Euretina, EuCornea, EGS, APAO, AAO, EAO, etc., using, among others, networking advantages via the board of ambassadors
  • 5. to improve the 'brand name' of EVER and increase its reputation among ophthalmologists, enhancing the growth of the organization and potentially multiplying the funding from industry

The Committee is composed of 5 members for 5 years cadency. The EVER Leadership Development and Strategic Innovation Committee closely collaborates with EVER Exec Board and presents its work at every EVER Board. The first composition is:

  • 1. Andrzej Grzybowski (chairman)
  • 2. Zisis Gatzioufas
  • 3. Nora Szentmary
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