Previous Keynote Lectures


Keynote 1 De Laey Jose-Alain SAHEL Cone-directed strategies in Retinal Degenerations

Keynote 2 Soubrane  Isabelle AUDO Soubrane lecture

Past President Lecture Rafael I. BARRAQUER Keratoconus: past, present and future

Keynote 3 Missoten Yvonne OU Retinal circuit disassembly, plasticity, and repair in glaucoma

Special Recognition Lecture Marcela VOTRUBA Mitochondria and vision- a life in mitochondria always on the move

EverActa Lecture Hannu UUSITALO Why we are doing this?

Ophthalmic Research Lecture Frank SCHAEFFEL Functional changes in the myopic retina compromize emmetropization

EO Heritage Lecture Marie-José TASSIGNON The anatomy of the anterior interface revisited

Past President Lecture Manuel VIDAL SANZ Idiosyncratic responses of RGCs to injury and protection


EverActa Lecture Einar STEFANSSON Eye drops for retinal disease

European Ophthalmic Research Lecture  Veronica VAN HEYNINGEN Eye genes: looking forward, glancing back

Past President Lecture Rafael I. BARRAQUER Keratoconus: past, present and future

Ever Keynote lecture Brigitte Röder Brain mechanism of sight recovery

Past President Lecture Kai KAARNIRANTA Proteostasis is age-related macular degeneration

Ever Keynote lecture Adriana DI POLO Novel insights into neuronal and vascular damage glaucoma

Ever Keynote lecture Berthold SEITZ Corneal transplantation - When and how?

Ophthalmic Research Lecture Carlo RIVOLTA Genetic dynamics and global clinical features of inherited retinal diseases

Past President Lecture Dominique Bremond-Gignac What can we learn from Rare Eye Diseases


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Andrew LOTERY Understanding AMD from lab and clinical studies

EVER Lecture by Past-President  Alain BRON Lipids and the eye, beyond fat

EVER-Acta Lecture Martine IAGER Immunology and the elder eye

European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture Gisele SOUBRANE Contribution of French ophthalmologists

KEYNOTE Peter A. CAMPOCHIARO Mechanism of cone cells death in retinitis pigmentosa

KEYNOTE Pete COFFEY The London Project to cure blindness at 10 years: have we found a cure?

KEYNOTE Sarah COUPLAND Molecular diagnostics and ophthalmic pathology: where are we up to?


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Francesca M CORDEIRO DARC development and translation

EVER Lecture

by Past-President 

Andrew DICK

Ocular inflammation

EVER-Acta Lecture Gisèle SOUBRANE

OCT-A all what we need?

European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture

Jean-Jacques DE LAEY A brief history of cataract surgery


An eye on aging and disease

KEYNOTE Leonord LEVIN The Axon is dead: long live the Axon!

KEYNOTE Christine CURCIO Microarchitecture and timeline of geographic atrophy: the x,y,z,t of AMD


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Hendrik SCHOLL

Emerging therapies for retinal and macular dystrophies

EVER Lecture

by Past-President 


The Pupil: A marker of visual and non-visual light sensitivity

EVER-Acta Lecture Leopold SCHMETTERER

Ocular imaging: What we see and what we would like to see

European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture

Alan BIRD Evolution of our understanding and management of monogenetic retinal disorders


Uveal melanoma: millimeters, personalized prognosis, and new therapies

KEYNOTE Shomi BHATTACHARYA The genetics revolution as seen through the eye

KEYNOTE Caroline KLAVER Why do eyes become myopic?


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Marie-José TASSIGNON
The cataract surgeon and the anterior interface
EVER Past-President Lecture Bart LEROY
Lessons from the Fascinating World of Bestrophinopathies 
EVER-Acta Lecture John GREENWOOD
The pathogenic role of LRG1 in ocular neovascularisation: From discovery to targeted therapy
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Luc MISSOTTEN Magnificat
Developing new treatments for inherited retinal degenerations
KEYNOTE Shigeru KINOSHITA Medical Science and Clinical Research in Corneal Regenerative Medicine
KEYNOTE Marcela VOTRUBA OPA1 gene and mitochondrial optic neuropathy: disease mechanisms and potential therapies


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Peter WIEDEMANN
Degenerative myopia and its treatment
EVER Past-President Lecture Constantin POURNARAS
Retinal Vein Occlusions: From pathophysiological mechanism to clinical therapeutical issues
EVER-Acta Lecture Russell FOSTER
Regulating the body clock - The unrecognised role of the eye
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Visual impairment in opera characters
Rare retinoblastoma: a goldmine for discovery of fundamental principles of biology and healthcare
Translational applications in corneal and ocular surface diseases
Multidisciplinary treatments for malignant eyelid tumors: surgical and non-surgical options, 

sentinel lymph node biopsy and surveillance


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Bahram BODAGHI
Revisiting infectious triggers of chronic intraocular immunity
EVER Past-President Lecture Philippe KESTELYN
AIDS thirty years later, lessons from a pandemic
EVER-Acta Lecture Neville OSBORNE
Pathogenesis of glaucoma in relation to variable ganglion cell death and neuroprotection
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Eye and genes: the new ophthalmology
Testing vision: one cone at a time
New therapeutic approaches and challenges for the treatment of dry eye disease
Lessons learned from gene therapy for color blindness in primates


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Neville OSBORNE The neuroscience of glaucoma in relation to the possibility for neuroprotection
EVER Past-President Lecture Leopold SCHMETTERER Advances in OCT imaging
EVER-Acta Lecture Tero KIVELÄ Telomere maintenance and retinal vascularisation
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Major Central European’s contributions to international ophthalmology
KEYNOTE Balwantray CHAUHAN Why what you have been taught about the optic disc may not be entirely true
KEYNOTE Alfredo SADUN Why is the optic nerve the canary in the coal mine of mitochondrial diseases?
KEYNOTE Nicholas BAZAN Molecular sensors for the decoding of homeostasis disruptions in the retinal pigment epithelium: towards the understanding of retinal degenerative diseases


Ophthalmic Research Lecture George L. SPAETH Priorities of Ophthalmic Research
EVER Lecture Lene MARTIN Visual fields for Ever - and more
EVER-Acta Lecture Anders HEIJL The changing roles of perimetry and perimeters in glaucoma management
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Thierry ZEYEN
Ophthalmology: a philatelic view
KEYNOTE Joan MILLER New treatments for age related macular degeneration
KEYNOTE Rando ALLIKMETS Genetics and treatment of Stargardt disease
KEYNOTE Jayakrishna AMBATI Diced Alu: Canning the blinding inflammasome


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Andrew DICK Road to fulfillment (not perdition): taming immune response to restore vision
EVER Lecture Graham HOLDER Spot the difference! The electrophysiological differentiation of retinal fleck and spot disorders
EVER-Acta Lecture Per SODERBERG Clouding lens, swap or stop?
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
The development of microkeratomes from the very early ages, with handmade and mechanical systems, until the fempto - laser technology today
KEYNOTE Beatrice COCHENER Ocular surface and refractive surgery
KEYNOTE Elias TRABOULSI Clinical and molecular genetic aspects of optic nerve hypoplasia


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Peng KHAW From repair to regeneration - from laboratory discovery to clinic advance
EVER Lecture Charles RIVA The regulation of retinal blood flow in the healthy and diseased eye
Acta Lecture Wolfgang DREXLER Where is retinal OCT heading
KEYNOTE David TAYLOR The optic nerve, mitochondria, age, energy, apoptosis and vision
KEYNOTE Alan C BIRD Cell loss in geographic atrophy
KEYNOTE Stefan SEREGARD Uveal melanoma: neither fish nor fowl?


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Justine SMITH Role of the vascular endothelial cell in uveitis
EVER Lecture Harminder S DUA Corneal surface regeneration: epithelial sheets to epithelial crypts
Acta Lecture Jost JONAS From Intravitreal Cell-Encoated Drug Therapy to Low-(Brain-)Pressure-Glaucoma
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Balder P. GLOOR Hans Goldmann (1899-1991) - the man who coined the daily practice of ophthalmology worldwide during half a century until today
KEYNOTE Michael GILMORE Pathogen Interactions in the Pathogenesis of Endophthalmitis
KEYNOTE Sarah COUPLAND Unravelling the mysteries of ocular lymphomas
KEYNOTE Kyoko OHNO-MATSUI Age-related macular degeneration; an Alzheimer's disease in the eye?


Ophthalmic Research Lecture Dbala BALASU­BRAMANIAN Functional analysis of mutants of the optineurin gene, associated with some forms of glaucoma
EVER Lecture Uwe PLEYER The taming of the shrew or corneal transplantation: past, present and future
AER Lecture Gijs VRENSEN Much ado about nothing
ACTA Lecture Fridbert JONASSON Unraveling the genetics of exfoliation glaucoma
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
Marko HAWLINA Anton Banko, the Slovenian inventor behind the success of Charles Kelman
KEYNOTE Gregory HAGEMAN A new era for age-related macular degeneration: insights pertaining to a key role for the complement system
KEYNOTE Manabu MOCHIZUKI Regional immunity of the eye: T lymphocytes and ocular pigment epitherial cells
KEYNOTE Peter LAIBSON Recognition and treatment of herpes simplex keratitis


Ophthalmic Research Lecture ZRENNER Eberhart Active subretinal Implants in seven blind patients: Outcome of a pilot study and further developments
EVER Lecture KIVELä Tero Can uveal melanoma be conquered?
AER Lecture EHLERS Niels On considerations of the corneal thickness
ACTA Lecture  La COUR Morten The retinal pigment epithelium, friend or foe?
European Ophthalmic Heritage Lecture
DE LAEY Jean-Jacques From Helmholtz to the scanning laser ophthalmoscope - 150 years ophthalmoscopy
KEYNOTE RAO Gullapali Delivery of eye care in developing countries - Role of research
KEYNOTE JAGER Martine Antigen-presenting cells and the eye
KEYNOTE HOLZ Frank New perspectives in retinal imaging: fundus autofluorescence and age-related macular degeneration


Ophthalmic Research Lecture RAO Narcing Photoreceptor Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress in Experimental Uveitis
EVER Lecture GALLOWAY Nic The Evolution of Electrical Responses from the Eye
AER Lecture DE CLERCQ Erik Antivirals for viral eye infections
ACTA Lecture SIEVING Paul  The Interplay of Clinical and Basic Knowledge in X-linked Retinoschisis
KEYNOTE MOORE Tony Cone and cone rod dystrophies, genotype, phenotype and disease mechanisms
KEYNOTE ZHAO Jialiang Advance of Ophthalmology in China and the Way to International Ophthalmology
KEYNOTE REME Charlotte Light damage and retinal degenerations: a model that sometimes tells the truth


Ophthalmic Research Lecture FORRESTER John The Spark of Life? A Fundamental Role for Electric Fields in Guiding Cell Behaviour
EVER Lecture SODERBERG Per A little bit of light on the lens
AER Lecture BARRAQUER Joaquin Evolution of Cataract Surgery,Corneal Transplantation and Refractive Surgery
KEYNOTE KINOSHITA Shigeru Ocular surface regeneration: Present and Future
KEYNOTE BEEBE David The Cause and Prevention of Nuclear Cataracts: Oxygen and the Vitreous Body
KEYNOTE BAILEY Ian Assessment of vision - Monitoring impairments and predicting functional abilities
KEYNOTE KAUFMAN Paul  Medical Therapy of Glaucoma in the Future: From Cell Culture to Clinic 


Ophthalmic Research Lecture LUTJEN DRECOLL Elke TGFß in the anterior eye segment: its significance for immuneprivilege and glaucoma
EVER Lecture BRON Anthony Of Puzzles and Paradoxes
AER Lecture ZRENNER Eberhart From gene to therapy: the long way to understand and cure retinal diseases
KEYNOTE PFLUGFELDER Stephen Mechanisms of corneal epithelial diseases in dry eye
KEYNOTE WEST Sheila Cataract at the Cross Roads: Increasing blindness, challenges for research
KEYNOTE DELAMERE Nicholas Astrocyte form and function: implications for glaucoma
KEYNOTE  CUNHA-VAZ Jose Characterization of Diabetic Retinopathy Phenotypes. Perspectives for improved management


Ophthalmic Research Lecture SASAKI Kazuyuki Age-related cataract in Asian and European populations: Racial differences and environmental influences
KEYNOTE BLACK Graeme Genetics of ocular development: a clearing vision


AER Lecture RUSKELL Gordon The passage of nerves of the orbit: a reappraisal
EVER Lecture DAMATO Bertil Scientific obstacles to the detection of visual field loss
KEYNOTE MILLER Neil The Vigabatrin Story
KEYNOTE CASPI Rachel Experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis - A model system for ocular autoimmunity


AER Lecture MARAINI Giovanni Cataract, ageing and genes
EVER Lecture SPEKREIJSE Henk (Insight) in our brain in action
KEYNOTE VAN HEYNINGEN Veronica Pax6, a Paradigm for Developmental Eye Disease
KEYNOTE GROSSNIKLAUS Hans Metastatic Uveal Melanoma. Clinical, Pathologic and Experimental Findings
KEYNOTE EVINGER Craig The Role of Learning in Blinking - A key to Vision


AER Lecture POULIQUEN YVES Ultrastructural evidence for corneal transparency in humans and animals
EVER Lecture SOUBRANE Gisele Choroidal new vessels in high myopia
KEYNOTE WIEDEMANN Peter Angiogenesis in ocular disease
KEYNOTE BARRAQUER Joaquin Precision and safety in surgery for myopia and in cataract surgery


AER Lecture HOCKWIN Otto Lens and Cataract Research at the doorstep of a new millenium
KEYNOTE FARBER Debora Genes causing Retinal degenerations: isolation, characterization and gene therapy
KEYNOTE LATIES Alan Viagra, one year later

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